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Emergency Service


Fire Alarm

Our technicians are qualified to inspect and service all makes and models of fire alarm systems. In the event of a failure or false alarm of your system we will expertly diagnose the fault and return the system to operation.

Our fire alarm inspection services are are done in full conformance to the requirements of the new 2007 Ontario Fire Code.

Fire Alarm Certification Services

Fire Alarm Inspections Annual and Monthly (CAN/ULC-S536-04)

Fire Alarm Verifications (CAN/ULC-S537-04)

Sprinkler Systems  (NFPA 25 2002)

Emergency Lighting

From small stand alone units to large central DC systems we can service and inspect all types of emergency lighting systems.  We test all units in accordance with the 2007 Ontario Fire Code Section 2.7.3.

We test all units through the actual duration tests to ensure they operate correctly we do not use "battery testers" that give you a false readings.

We service all types of exit signs. We also retrofit old exit signs to the highly energy efficient LED bulbs or we can update the exit signs to new high efficiency ones. With the LED exit signs you will have a significantly longer lifetime with the bulbs.


Integrity Fire is a licensed electrical contractor.  Our master electrician is able to install, service and maintain all types of projects requiring electrical work. From smaller projects such as lighting to installing full electrical systems, we have the expertise to meet all your needs.


We inspect and service all types of extinguishers in accordance to the NFPA 10 2002 requirements. We offer re-certification of existing extinguishers, exchange, or replacement with new ones. Feel free to ask us about our annual inspection and tagging services for your extinguishers.

Synchronized Clock Systems

We service and supply parts for most clock systems.  We can rebuild  almost any type of secondary clock (analogue or digital). We will service your clocks on site or we can repair them at our facility where we will fully test the clocks before returning them to you.

We also service and program bell ringers and master clocks.

Security Systems

Wether commercial or residential, our company provides full installation, service and monitoring of new security systems.  We can also provide monitoring and service of existing security systems.